YES, Paul! Enroll me in Jo Han Mok's "Copywriting Empire" course for just $297 today!

When I enroll I'll get the special access instructions for the entire 12 week course and all bonuses, as outlined below:

  1. Killer Headlines
  2. Mind Sell
  3. Brain Bullets
  4. Risk Reversal
  5. Sales Letter Mojo
  6. Marketing Makeover (Part 1)
  7. Marketing Makeover (Part 2)
  8. Marketing Makeover (Part 3)
  9. The Instant Author
  10. Client Attraction Secrets
  11. Hyper Split Testing
  12. Your Internet Direct Response Agency
  13. Supplementary Bonus Materials

If I'm unhappy with the course for any reason, I can have a full refund anytime in the next 60 days.

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